Platform Latijns Amerikaanse Architecten in Nederland

Events 2015

LAAF 2015 (Latin American Architecture Film Festival)

Date: May 3/10/17 (Haarlem)  November 20/21 (Leiden)

Location: Architectuurcentrum Haarlem en LUMEN Filmhuis Leiden



¨Living Architecture 2015¨

The contradictory relationship between planned projects and inhabited-spaces is always present in Architecture. In Latin America, this discrepancy has a special dimension because while best architects dream about perfect architecture projects, cities in this region mostly grow built by individual initiatives of their inhabitants without the accurate planning of professionals.

In this Film Festival, by means of three documentary films from different Latin American countries, we intend to illustrate these two worlds. 

(all films are in Spanish with English subtitles)

when?   20 & 21 November, 2015 – from 16:45 hrs.
where?  Filmhuis Lumen – Doelenplein 5, 2611 BP Delft –


Friday, November 20th

74m2 (Chile, 2012, 67’min) The film portrays the story of a group of social leaders from Valparaiso and their organizational efforts to overcome poverty and achieve the dear homeownership. Cathy and Iselsa lead 150 families who decide to integrate an innovative social project, which would give them a home on a middle-class neighborhood in Valparaiso. For seven years, the camera accompanies them on a journey dominated by a lack of resources, a neighborhood that rejects them and the disaster caused by rains in their new homes. But the hardest part is overcoming the division of the community.


Special guest: 
Lucas van Zuijlen, architect, Rotterdam
Debate: Architecture and public participation
Lucas van Zuijlen: Architect, REAL ÆSTATE / webeditor / publisher at Rotterdam Woont research company
With fifteen years experience and enjoying the art, craft and laws of architecture, he extended his skills with finding the dialog in reusing ancient -, modern – and future heritage, its re-use possibilities and its finance.

Saturday, November 21st

Amancio Williams, (Argentina, 2013, 77′min) This documentary depicts Amancio Williams `life, works and emblematic projects, his innovative ideas and proposals, the recognition by Le Corbusier, his eagerness for recuperating green areas, and the reason why most of his projects were never built. A Key figure in Argentina modern architecture, reknowned and admired around the world for his famous “House Over The Creek”,  which was left in ruins after a fire.


La Casa de Luis Barragán  (2011, Mexico, 29’min) Unique in contemporary architecture, the home of the Mexican architect Luis Barragán (1902-1988) is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Winner of the Pritzker Prize in 1980, the highest honour to which an architect can aspire, His house and studio, built in 1948 in Tacubaya, a Mexico City suburb, is bathed in light, colour and silence and is an outstanding example of his postwar creative work. The 1,161 m2 concrete building comprises a ground floor and two storeys, as well as a small private garden at ground level, full of trees and birds, and a second garden on a terrace, closer to the wind and clouds, for meditation.


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